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It's time to release the breaks

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us"

- Marianne Williamson

Combining the most powerful of ancient eastern techniques of personal transformation with western psychology and traditional leadership training  - we are excited to share with you our 'Evolve' Leadership Training Program.  


Over 2 days we take you on a journey of personal transformation to:

  • Release your limiting beliefs

  • Remember your authentic power & passion 

  • Realise your greatest leadership potential and purpose

You have all you need right now, inside of you

Rather than teach you something new, we guide you what you already know within

the power of your intuitive intelligence. 

Intuition unlocks our greatest potential for innovation, self leadership, meaningful and authentic connection to others and the ability to adapt and thrive through change.

We help to guide you to a place of inner stillness that allows for an inner conversation which creates a profound outer transformation.

The 2 Day 'Evolve' Leadership Training Program



  • You uncover the origin of fear and how it holds you back

  • You tap into and release hidden and limiting  generational  beliefs

  • You discover and release any tendency's be perfect, please everyone, and rescue others

You discover that you are not only enough just as you are, but also incredibly powerful



  • You find your inner fire and passion to express your unique talents in your work and life

  • You tap into the power of compassion through the intention to serve and lift others

  • You discover your hidden talent, gifts and conscious leadership ability

  • You uncover your leadership purpose

You reveal your unique blue print as a conscious leader and self leader



  • You learn how to inspire, empower and lift others to align with their own and your goals together

  • You set clear service led intention and plan to direct your leadership

  • You learn the rules of abundance to propel your performance forward

You learn what it takes to make your purpose a powerful reality

​This unique program follows the Evolve book by Saira Easton, using the content for the pre-work and throughout the program. The 2 day training can be carried out within your workplace, or an external training venue and will include practises of guided meditation, automatic writing, interpersonal exercises, group brain storming, and private space for journaling and planning. Following the program you will be offered a 1-1 coaching session two weeks later to support your ongoing personal development journey ​

Join us for this unique journey of
personal & leadership transformation

Everything happens for a reason, at the right time. If you feel ready to take yourself, your team, and your organisation to it's well deserved potential,

then lets make it happen together.

Saira was fantastic to work with and extremely professional in all communications leading up to the training giving me confidence it would be a great session. And it was! Saira is a great speaker and developed materials and activities that were appropriate and relevant

Louise Honey - High Intensity Therapist at National Health Service

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