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Our Story

The Conscious Leadership Academy (TLCA) was born from a desire to support leaders around the world to  shake up their long held beliefs of lack and unleash their greatest potential using both western psychology and eastern wisdom.

Saira Easton, CEO of TCLA holds over two decades of experience in personal development and personal transformation and over 350 hours of international wide coaching and training experience. 


In the early part of her career she held coaching and management roles in learning and development, talent, and leadership within the global corporates, Thomson Reuters and Pearson. She also researched, created and delivered her own leadership profiles and leadership training programs in offices across London, Geneva and Beijing.


During a career break she unexpectedly fell near critically ill and spent the next decade of her life turning to holistic wisdom and techniques to fully heal and become a mother of two healthy girls against all medical odds. Once becoming a yoga and meditation teacher and reiki master, Saira felt compelled to share the hidden gems and eastern wisdom she had gained and began to convert her experience into personal transformation workshops across London, sharing her new found discoveries of the powerful tools.


Saira began to realise from all the people she had worked with in the corporate professional and holistic space, that they all shared one common limit to thriving in their lives and work - they believed deep down that somehow they were not enough. In some aspect of what they had or who they were, they all felt like they lacked something. Saddened but more so motivated by this discovery, Saira followed her intuitive call to emigrate to Mauritius, the home of her parents to now combine all she had learnt from both her professional and holistic experience. TCLA was made to create powerful ground breaking programs to lift the potential of others through conscious awareness.


Leadership was always her passion, knowing that if we can lift leaders, we have the power to lift and inspire masses through positive ripple effect.  TCLA is Saira's desire to create waves of positive transformation in Mauritius and globally for sustainable prosperity and the gain of many. 

Meet the Team

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