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A powerful tool to take your leadership to the next level

We provide 1-1 in person coaching sessions for Executives, Newly Appointed, Emerging and Self Leaders across your organisation. 

Leadership coaching is a highly effective tool to target your precise needs and support your growth in full safety and confidentiality.


With over 15 years of global experience and training in London with the Academy of Executive Coaching, we help you to unlock deep levels of self awareness and equip you with courage and skills to manage your own growth and support the self leadership of others through your enhanced emotional intelligence skills.  

What helps you, will always help others

As you raise your own leadership capability, you will inadvertently inspire and unlock the self leadership in others creating a far reaching positive ripple effect.

Saira’s super power is asking the right questions: the ones we never ask ourselves. Her insight offers a great chance for thought and development in both professional and personal life. She has guided me through her coaching process with warmth, making me feel comfortable from the very first moment I’ve met her.

Sara Chrostowska Degiorgi - Designer at Velocity Partners

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