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Blue Skies


Who you are is enough. 
Not only is it enough, it is abundant.

Your True Potential


"We are all born with a unique purpose. When we release the heavy burden of who we are not, we automatically give rise to the innate passion, talents and capacity to love and connect to life and others fully. 


In that moment, we ignite the ability to awaken our conscious self leadership and blueprint - why we are here and what we born to do."

Saira Easton

We all want to matter; for who we are and what we do - truly as we are

I believe we all have a super power. That power was something we were born with. A small minority of the world know what it is and use it daily, earning tremendous wealth whilst serving others with it. That power is remarkable to others but comes so naturally to them, albeit still with conscious effort, commitment and courage to express it. 

'Evolve' aims to act as a road map to take you too back to your own super power. You were born with it, and more than ever, this world needs it.


In the first section; Release - the book aims to dispel all the conditioned beliefs you have absorbed over your life that limit the expression of your true self, voice, expression and potential. With a tone of self care the self inquiry questions and exercises guide you to explore the ancient layers of your identity over generations, and give you a chance to release what parts of it no longer serve you. It exposes the sides of us that aim to please tirelessly, be perfection by all means, or save or rescue others at the cost sometimes of ourselves. It casts a gentle glow of light on our shadows giving us a chance to choose, what we take forward and what we leave behind. 

In the next section; Remember, the party can begin! Here's is where we get to celebrate you. The uniqueness of you, the power of you, the gift that you are, and what uniquely have to offer. We reignite the passion of the innocence and youth that you were born with. We open your eyes to what lies beyond the veil and we ignite you desire to share what you have. 

Lastly in the section Release; we give you the plan of action to make it real. In 7 steps, we take you through the process to ensure that all you have found has the chance to truly manifest and be taken forward. 

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Start your own self paced journey today. Buy your own copy of the book online on Amazon, or send us an email to join the book launch and update you on where the book will be available to purchase in Mauritius


Book a 1-1 Coaching Program Journey

Lets do it together. Using the safe surrounding of coaching, we create a space for you to expand your awareness, heal, discover and set actionable plans to convert your purpose into prosperity


Train your Team

Call us to start talking about your teams needs and how the Evolve program can lift them to their fullest potential. Over 2 days we use group work, meditation, presentations, and exploratory tools to create significant and subtle personal transformation. 


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Not sure what you need, but want to know more? - Let us help you. Call us or email to plant a seed together and see how we can support you and/or your organisation to 'Evolve'. 

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