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Taking Your Leadership to
the Next Level

Who were you really born to be?

Maybe it's time to find out....

We empower you to break through self limiting beliefs and fears to unleash your most authentic power, potential & purpose for this new era 

95% of our life's programming was written before the age of 7...

Most of that program was absorbed from a subtle but disempowering mental state of lack and perhaps deeply buried belief we carry that we may not be enough just as we are. Amazingly however, we have the power to rewrite that program at a deep personal transformational level by accessing and changing our original beliefs, using powerful and non traditional leadership training techniques.


As the world moves forward at unrecognisable speeds, we will only thrive with it if we find a way to unleash our most authentic power and potential.


When we do, we tap into an energy of passion that lifts and propels us forward. We unlock the innate human desire to give, and tap into a mindset of abundance, creativity and prosperity.  Inadvertently we will begin to inspire and empower others to also lead with full awareness - as conscious leaders. 

There is so much more

Conscious leadership gives you the power to change the entire outcome of your performance, leadership and life to the version you most desire and deserve. 

As a conscious leader, you will:

  • Create ground-breaking innovation led by intuitive insight

  • Uncover unshakable confidence and resilience  

  • Create wide-reaching prosperity and gain for yourself and others

  • Effortlessly inspire and empower others through natural passion and dedication to service

  • Create a thriving work culture of authenticity and inclusion leading to high employee engagement and motivational levels 

  • Witness exponential improvements in team cohesion and creativity

  • Create a culture that advocates wellbeing leading to energised, fulfilled and high performing teams


How can we help you?

We offer unique personal transformation and leadership; training, consulting, coaching and speaker events to suit your needs.

Call us for a free initial consultation or read on more about our services

You don't have to do it alone.

In fact conscious leadership thrives through authentic connections.
With trust and experience we create a unique space for you to let go, share your challenges, and empower you to unlock your greatest potential.


A new spin on leadership training for a new era

Leading in an increasingly virtual, global and digital era is undeniably challenging. We've got the qualifications, and past work experience on our CV but no theories or logic alone can carry us to the next level.


To thrive in this new era, we need paramount levels of self awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience and creativity. We need to innovate in every aspect, of our leadership and organisations to evolve into the next paradigm.

  • Instead of competition we need valuing adding collaboration.

  • Instead of scarcity we need to see through the lens of opportunity. 

  • Instead of control and force we need empowerment and surrender.

  • Instead of profit we need to aim for prosperity. 

TCLA doesn't do traditional leadership training - we do deep and personal transformation at the level of the heart first. Through consultation, training and coaching that centres personal transformation you can unleash a level of intuitive intelligence that propels you and your organisation to the next level. 

New Books


TCLA is excited to be launching their new book Evolve, Conscious Leadership for a New Era. This books takes you on a 3 part journey of Releasing limiting beliefs, Remembering your authentic power, passion and potential and Realising your true purpose as a leader and self leader. 


The book is now available on Amazon and book shops in Mauritius and will also form the content of our in person 2 day Evolve Leadership Transformation Program and 5 part 1-1 Coaching Program. 


Click below to join our book launch and free guided meditation.

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Don't worry if you're not sure what you need yet. that's partly our job. Let's have a chat and we can help you to find out which services will most support you and your teams needs right now. 

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