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Leadership Consulting

Heart-Shaped Rock Island

We provide bespoke consulting services to leaders, HR, L&D, and Talent Professionals drawing from our unique insight on the challenges facing global corporates and BPOs in Mauritius

Waking up to the fact that something needs to change is the first step to realising our goals

It's natural to avoid a problem or seek to find a quick fix, but in the middle lies a place where we can take the time to stop - step back - and take a wider perspective. TCLA can be that other brain that holds the space for you to ask the unsaid questions, look into corners you may not have thought of, and support you to come up with solutions that not only meet your needs but even surpass your goals

Consulting Services


01 - Needs Analysis

Every organisation has it's own culture, goals, and scope for innovation. We aim to interview teams and individuals across the organisation to assess where the skills gap lies against the organisational strategy.  

Mountain Cabin

03 -  Recruitment & Succession Plans

We help you to assess your leadership recruitment strategy to ensure you have strong alignment to the skills you want to attract. 

We also help you to assess high potential leaders for executive roles to design a succession plan along with development plans for those future leaders. 

Tree Texture

02 - Strategy

We support you to design a practical strategy to upskill and develop you current and emerging leaders through suggestions for on the job training, formal training, mentoring, coaching, stretch projects, and job rotations. 

Spring Mountain

04 - Advisory

We partner with government and non government bodies with a joint interest in raising leadership capability across Mauritius.

We consult on what is required to raise leadership skills of: self awareness, global leadership, emotional intelligence and innovation in Mauritius and support you to set a strategy and plan to help you to meet your goals. 

I was very impressed with the way Saira works and her ability to make something that has the potential to be quite complex into something that really works in the organisation. Saira has a rare skill in that she understands what best practice looks like in the talent management and coaching space, but can make this really connect with leaders.

Abu Bundu Kamara - Senior Director of Inclusion and Diversity  at Expedia 

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